About Us

The Federation of Osteopaths of Spain (FOE) is a federation that seeks to bring together the Spanish associations of professionals of osteopathy whose members meet academic criteria specified by the European Federation of Osteopaths (EFO).

Our aims are:

  • regular la profesión de osteópata
  • promover la salud pública asegurando que los pacientes reciben un tratamiento osteopático de calidad y con total seguridad, conforme a los estándares marcados por la EFO,
  • desarrollar y promover el conocimiento de la práctica osteopática en la sociedad.
  • regulate the profession of osteopathy
  • promote public health by ensuring that patients receive an osteopathic safe treatment of quality, in accordance with the standards set by the EFO,
  • and develop and promote knowledge of the osteopathic practice in society.
  • Our Work

    • We represent the Associations members in front of the Spanish Government and internationally.
    • We strengthen the bonds of unity and cooperation among the different associations that are part of the Federation.
    • We represent, defend and promote the professional interests of the members of the different associations which are part of it.
    • We ensure the patient’s safety supervising the correct practice of our professionals in the areas of their activity, compliance under the code of ethics of the profession.
    • We encourage the promotion and development of the profession of osteopathy.
    • We ensure the quality of the training of our professionals according to the training standards set by the EFO, encouraging supervision of recognized schools and a standardization of academic levels among these.
    • We collaborate with healthcare institutions from Spain and Europe for the complete normalization of the practice of Osteopathic medicine.


    We have two organs of government:

    The General Meeting of associations, integrated by all those that are part of the Federation. It´s the supreme organ of the will of these.

    The Board. It’s the permanent college with a direct management function.

    The members of the Board are

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    Fermín López
    Contact with Fermín
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    Gregorio Barroso
    Vicepresidente 1º
    Contact with Gregorio
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    Lluís Horta
    Vicepresidente 2ª
    Contact with Lluís
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    Stephanie Balil
    Contact with Stephanie

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    Clemente del Palacio
    Contact with Clemente
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    Andoni Jauregi
    Contact with Andoni
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    María Cristina
    Contact with María
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    Jorge Aranda
    Contact with Jorge

    Member Asociations


    The associations wishing to become a member must submit an application with a copy of its statutes and the registration in the Spanish Register of Associations. They must also submit a letter stating the willingness to federate and to comply with the statutes of the Federation.